The new trend of Name Necklaces

Published: 13th May 2011
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A necklace is generally an article of jewellery worn around the neck and commonly formed from a metal jewellery chain and attached to a locket or a pendant. Although, necklaces have been an integral part of the jewellery since ages, these have kept evolving with the time. These days you can also find necklaces manufactured from cloth or certain rocks or wood and coming in different shapes and sizes. The 'Name Necklaces' is one such new trend.

Name necklace is a personalized form of the necklace, characterized by the necklace containing the name of the person or their loved ones. This gives the person wearing the necklace a unique feeling of identification. With the changing lifestyle (majorly in metro cities), the use of the name necklaces(In Danish navne halskæde) is increasing day by day, as people are highly attracted by the customization and personalization they offer to the wearer. Generally made with ornamental metals like gold or silver, these come at a very high cost since the material is used in more quantity in these necklaces. Most commonly, people get their names written on the name necklaces, as such creating a sense of personalization and luxury. These come in a variety of designs, qualities and price range depending on one's need. Undoubtedly, these are getting popularity among all the age groups and sections of the society, from kids to the aged, from men to women; still kids and teenagers are generally more excited about owning a name necklace. Their charm captures each and everybody’s attention on any occasion it is worn. It represents the new trend of fashion today. Fashion, that is unique, exclusive and personalized.

The very fact that name necklaces are so exclusive makes them a smart and good candidate for gifting as well. It can be used to gift to somebody very special or as a symbol of love with the name of the couple written over it. These days, also being used by corporates as a popular gift item. When presented to the client, they try to strengthen the company's relationship with the client. These personalized name necklaces generally have the name of the company inscribed in the pendant. And also with the name of the big corporates appearing in the necklace, it adds more value to it. You can find this design of name necklaces specially in silver necklaces(In danish sølv halskæder)

The name necklaces are creating a new wave of fashion and lifestyle in today’s world along with other personalized name jewellery.

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